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Huskee Cup Black | Set 4 8oz

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The Huskee reusable coffee cup is made from coffee husks, a by-product of coffee production. The husks would go to landfill so by using them to make cups they become a sustainable raw material. When you purchase a Huskee cup you are helping to recycle waste material and close the loop. Huskee’s unique bio-polymer (coffee husk and a PP based resin) make cup which is durable, food safe and can be re-purposed by Huskee at the the end of it’s useful life. This means they won’t go to landfill or end up in the ocean!.

Huskee’s mission is to “spare our oceans and landfill from single-use, we want to spare them from longer lived products too! We need to extend every single product to it’s absolute maximum.”

Benefits of Huskee

  • Capacity 289ml
  • Dimensions 8.69(D) x 9.64(H)cm
  • Huskee cups keep your drink hotter for longer because of their thermal properties.
  • A simple ribbed design protects your fingers from heat, so you don’t need sleeves or bands
  • The cups are dishwasher safe and durable
  • Designed to last for years even in busy café environments
  • Eye catching and stylish design
  • The cups are BPA free so they are kind to your body.
  • Recycle your old cup with the HuskeeSwap exchange system.