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Astra Trinket Dish Set

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Evoke your fondness of the night and everything lunar with the Astra Trinket Plate 2-Piece Set from Emporium.

Crafted from porcelain for a luxe storage piece you can add to your glamorous space
Comes in a set of crescent and circular plate depicting the different phases of the moon for a standout decoration in your vanity
The crescent piece is perfect for earrings while the circular one is great for storing your bracelets, bangles, brooches and larger effects
The dark colour scheme of the crescent piece is in great contrast with the creamy white of the circular piece, making the set a standout in your room
The gold rim and design accents on the surface of the plates lends a luxurious feel to your space
An ideal gift item for your friends and loved ones especially teenagers who love a trendy set for their lovely pieces