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Oxley Flower Microwave Mug | Mustard

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Fill this Ladelle Oxley Flower Mustard Microwave Mug with your favourite tea, and enjoy a cosy evening in style. This 600ml capacity mug is perfect for sipping on a large mug of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, or climbing into bed with a warm mug of chicken soup to soothe those gloomy days. This microwave safe mug is also great for packing snacks on the go, and storing any leftovers to be heated up the next day. Beautifully crafted from porcelain complete with embossed texture and a glossy finishing, this microwave mug will surely brighten up your day. Collect the Oxley Collection with microwave food bowls and microwave mugs in 2 lovely designs available for purchase separately. ‌


  • 600ml capacity, measures 13 x 16.5 x 8.5cm 
  • Silicone lid included
  • Heat up food, beverages, and store food with ease
  • Enjoy coffee, tea, hot chocolate or soups, noodles, and much more
  • Fitted with ergonomic handle to ensure a comfortable grip  
  • Made from porcelain and silicone 
  • Microwave safe