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Smelly Balls

Smelly Balls Reusable Air Freshener Glitter Set | Bambae/Sunbeam

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Our best-selling smelly balls just got a glow up -introducing  glitter smelly balls! The Bambae Smelly Balls are a captivating blend of Byron Bay’s free-spirited inspiration and the calming aura of bamboo.

Each set includes four unscented felt balls with a charm and elastic string, making them easy to hang in your car and a 5mL bottle of our new Sunbeam fragrance oil, which is a blend of blissful bamboo, coconut water, and lively lime that captures carefree afternoons. From fields of orange flowers to grounded notes of vetiver, cedar, and vanilla, it’s your instant getaway to a sunny state of mind.

Simply add a few drops of the fragrance oil onto the felt balls (excluding the lighter colours). When your air freshener needs a little boost, just whip out the fragrance oil and top it up. 

Enhance your driving experience with our reusable car air freshener – the perfect companion for your road trips!